How to use facebook stickers in chat on any device (Computer, Mobile)


It’s been quite a while since we have started using Facebook Stickers. But there are still a lot of people around us who still don’t know about the feature. The other day I was chatting up with a friend of mine on Facebook from my Android phone. Incidentally, I happened to send him a Sticker. My friend was evidently not aware of this feature; for he asked me how I sent him that!

Facebook Sticker for Computer

His ignorance about Facebook Stickers was quite understandable. Stickers are only available to Facebook users while accessing their accounts on the iPhone or an Android device. My friend, having used none of them, didn’t know that such a feature was available. In fact, he seemed a little upset about not being able to send Facebook Stickers. That was the first time it struck me: Was it possible in any way?

Our search for the answer led us to the Chatstickers website. This website has a collection of Facebook Stickers which can be shared in a private message on Facebook, which are delivered to the recipient as a normal sticker sent from an iPhone or Android device. Using graph API, the developers at Chatstickers are able to post raw sticker images directly on their Facebook Page.

Update: Facebook launches Chat stickers for web browsers

You no longer need a Chrome or Firefox extension to use Chat stickers on your computer. In a recent update to the web version, Facebook has officially added Chat stickers in conversation windows. Whenever you are chatting with someone, clicking on the little smiley in the bottom right corner of the chat box reveals the entire stickers library. Here you get the entire chat stickers collection along with the Sticker Store.

Facebook Sticker Store

With the Chat stickers update, you can now access stickers on any web browser without the need of any additional extension/add-on.

Send Facebook Stickers (from Computer, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and other devices)

You can send chat stickers from almost any platform using this technique. The stickers sent via the “Facebook Share” are web based and can be sent from any modern web browser (PC, MAC and Mobile).

Pick out your favorite chat sticker below to send to your friend.

  1. If you are already logged in to Facebook, a Share Post dialog opens in front of you. You are now ready to share your sticker.
  2. To send a sticker to a friend via chat, enter the names of people you want to send the sticker.
  3. You may also add an additional message along with it.
  4. And that’s it; just hit the share button at the bottom and the sticker will be sent to the recipients’ message box, as a part of an ongoing conversation.

Thus, Facebook Stickers are no longer unique to iOS and Android users alone. Use any of the stickers and send them to your friends using any device.

How to integrate Chat stickers into Facebook Chat

Now many of you will find it less friendly to open another website to just send a sticker. Well, if you want to send Chat stickers directly from Chat on your computer, you can install the browser extensions from ChatStickers.

Facebook Chat Stickers for Chrome and Firefox

ChatStickers extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. Though there were some issues with the functionality of these extensions, the Chrome extension has been updated and now works fine.

If the ChatStickers extension does not work for you, you can try changing your language on Facebook to English (Pirate). If the extension works properly in “Pirate” Facebook, you can then try switching back to your default Facebook language and see if it still works.


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  • KH

    but using this method would make it inconvenient for the sender
    because I’m sending a smiley sticker why would I take the effort to add it from the site and share and choose blah blah blah
    the stickers are great when used on android mobile but unnecessary rubbish on PC
    should be somehow added to the chat screen
    like the smiley is

    • chatstickers

      We have an extension for firefox and google chrome too…
      check it out at

  • John

    I think facemoji is better: