Download Torrents on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)


If you are an iOS user, you may be aware of the fact that Apple doesn’t allow torrent apps in its App Store. According to Apple, these apps are not allowed because this category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing third party rights. However, in this article we’ll show you how to download torrents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; and that too without jailbreaking your device.

Download Torrents on iOS-iPhone

How to download Torrents on iOS

In spite of Apple’s restrictions, it is still possible to download torrents on your iOS devices. There are two possible ways of doing this.

One, through a torrent client; and two, via a third party torrent download service.

Torrent Client for iOS

Although no official BitTorrent clients are available in the App Store, you can get full desktop class torrent download experience on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Say hello to iTransmission!

iTransmission is a native BitTorrent client for iOS. It uses the same backend as Transmission, the BitTorrent client for Mac. We’ll give you complete step by step instructions on how to install iTransmission on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Since the app is not available on the App Store, the installation method will be slightly different from the conventional one; so follow the steps carefully.

iTransmission 3 for iPhone and iPod Touch is compatible with iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8. However, it lacks the the new look and feel of iOS 7.

Install iTransmission on iPhone and iPod Touch

Before you download the app, you need to change the device system time. The app does not install on a date later than June 2013 due to some updates. Change the System Time to somewhere around May 2013 and then go ahead and install the app.

  1. To change the system time on your iDevice, open Settings and go to General >> Date and Time. Turn off “Set automatically” and change the date to a suitable previous date (before May 2013).
  2. Open the iTransmission download page using Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  3. On the iTransmission download page, click on the Install button from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  4. A pop up appears asking you whether you want to install the app or not. Tap on install.
  5. After installation is complete, go back to Settings >> General >> Date and Time and turn on “Set automatically”. The date should automatically update to the current date.

Update 1: iTransmission 4 just released with iOS 7 like interface. If you have a jailbroken iPhone with iOS 7 or iOS 8, you may download the latest version from the BigBoss repo. But iTransmission 4 is not yet available for non-jailbroken devices. We are looking for possible alternatives and workarounds, and will update this section as and when it becomes available. Meanwhile, if you don’t wish to jailbreak your iOS device, you may continue using iTransmission 3 as mentioned above.

Update 2: After the iOS 7.1 update, many users are facing certification errors while installing iTransmission. If you have already updated to the latest iOS version, the previous installation method might not work for you. Instead, you can use a third party desktop application called iFunBox to install iTransmission on your iPhone via your computer. Just download the iTransmission .ipa file and install it using iFunBox. For more information regarding .ipa installation using iFunBox, refer to the official blog post. After installation is successfully completed, you should be able to run the iTransmission app on your device running iOS 7.1 or above.

Download and Transfer files using iTransmission

  1. Open iTransmission on your iOS device.
  2. Click on the Add (+) button at the bottom to add a new torrent.
  3. Choose the source of your torrent from the Menu:

Web: If you want to search and download the torrent.

Magnet: If you have a magnet link for download.

URL: if you have the direct link to the torrent file.

After the torrent is added to queue, it will take some time to begin the download; but once the download starts, it is capable of utilizing the full bandwidth. Magnet links take more time to start downloading than direct torrents because it takes some time to fetch the torrent metadata from the magnet link. Once the download starts, wait for the download to be completed.

The app may be disconnected if you push it to the background. Keep the app open until the download is complete, otherwise your download might be paused.

During the download, you can also control it by setting the upload and download limit or specifying the port to be used for torrent download.

When the download is completed, tap on the torrent to open the Details screen. Go to Files (under More Section) and move the files one by one to another application of your choice.

Note: iTransmission only supports iPhone and iPod Touch as of now. iPad support is not yet available. We’ll update as soon as it is.

We have come across an issue with iTransmission on jailed devices where the app crashes after several days of use. Reinstalling the app may resolve the issue.

If you don’t wish to use torrent clients, you can still download torrents as regular download. You can download torrents on any iOS device using this method. Here’s how.

Download Torrents on iOS (via 3rd party services)

There are a few third party cloud services that offer to download torrents over HTTP. You just tell the service to download torrent files on your behalf and then you download the same files from the particular service. Zbigz is one such cloud storage service.

For HTTP downloads, you can use any download manager for iOS to download files. In this example, we are using MyMedia as the download manager.

Steps to download Torrents using Zbigz on iOS

  1. Download and install MyMedia from App Store.
  2. Open the app and tap on the Browser button. In the search box, search for a torrent file.
  3. Instead of downloading the torrent, copy the torrent / magnet link.
  4. Now open the Zbigz website and paste the link in the textbox.
  5. Zbigz will automatically start downloading the torrent to Zbigz’s servers.
  6. While the download completes, you may minimize the application and continue other operations.
  7. When the download is complete, just download the required files from the generated links.
  8. MyMedia will take over the download and download the files into the app’s storage.

You can track the status of download in the Download tab. Once completed, the download may move to Media, image or Other tab according to the type of files you have downloaded.

Open downloaded files in other supported apps, transfer to your computer over WiFi network or back up the downloaded files in iCloud.

Open in other app: if you have a suitable app to run the downloaded files, you can transfer them to another app. Tap on the completed download in the Media / Images / Other screen and choose Open in Other App. The download will then be available in the other (selected) app.

Share over WiFi: Go to the Settings screen (in MyMedia) and Turn on WiFi Sharing. An IP address will be displayed. Put the same IP address in the web browser on your computer (in the same WiFi network as your iOS device). Here, you can browse and download the files in MyMedia’s app storage.

Back up files in iCloud: Go to Settings screen (in MyMedia) and turn on iCloud sync. Your downloaded files will automatically be backed up in iCloud.


We do not encourage anyone to use torrents for sharing and downloading pirated content. Please support artists and developers by buying genuine materials. 7labs is not responsible for any misuse of the mentioned applications.


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  • Gg

    I cant open the file with itrasmission after download?

    • Kirby119

      What file have you downloaded? You need a supporting app to open the file. For example, to open a media file, you will need VLC for iOS or a similar media player app on your iPhone. Read the Ope in other app section of the article above .

      • K-98

        Hi, I ran across the same issue – iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.1.1 – where downloaded torrent media files were not playing. I downloaded media players suited to the format such as VLC for iOS and PlayerXtreme. There is a possibility of memory shortage being a cause, just pointing that out.

        Any help would be appreciated.


  • Kristy

    How do I know it has downloaded the file on Zbigz? it just says torrent added to queue

  • Henk

    I cant adjust upload speed when downloading a file??? The 0kb tab isnt working. I have the switch enabled!

  • Joseph Heller

    Isnt it easier to use for example bitport instead of iTransmission? You do not have to install anything and it do not need jailbreak too…

  • Joseph Heller

    Isnt it easier to use for example bitport instead of iTransmission? You do not have to install anything and it do not need jailbreak too…